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2023 / 4月香港BASE展演空間呈現 Performance art/video/Installation art 行為、影像、裝置
【石頭  Stone】
     2023/  4月 香港  BASE 展演空間呈現
Performance art/ video/ Installation art

2023   4月  香港 BASE 空間、  Per.Platform  邀請行為藝術作品 呈現
2023 April Hong Kong BAS E Per.Platform invited
performance art works to be presented


Through her actions and body practice, Milla explores the possibility of connecting with stone as a primitive part of nature. From words, concepts to the body, it is a process of how she can dissolve herself and become a part of the stone.





香港觀眾 藝術家toyi分享

From the beginning when the artist uses stones to explain, and then allows the audience to get close to each other, the barrier between people instantly collapses, and the atmosphere changes from tension to calmness and gentleness at the end I felt like that time was still, and I heard, touched, and smelled the breath and scent of the people around me. Milla's  body was warm, and her shouting makes her stronger, I and the other viewers were present in her body because the power was superimposed on her body.   shared by artist Toy_Hong Kong audience  

2023/  4月 香港  BASE 展演空間呈現 Performance art/ video/ Installation art 行為、影像、裝置
2023/  4月 香港  BASE 展演空間呈現 Performance art/ video/ Installation art 行為、影像、裝置




_香港觀眾 詩人汪倩  分享

In the works, in addition to nature, self-identity, etc., you also saw how many things were transformed.

For example, I like the behavior of stone the most. You could make it transform into different forms in a short period of time, from words, sounds, your body to our bodies. It's as if you were invisibly controlling the flow of an object.

I like that you used the original feeling of fear as the starting point for creation, and use creation to offset certain shortcomings in life. _


Hong Kong audience poet Wang Qian shared

2023/  4月 香港  BASE 展演空間呈現 Performance art/ video/ Installation art 行為、影像、裝置
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