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MillaLee 李瓊蝶|How to Hold an Umbrella (in 2 minutes ) 2023/2/9 台南 不存在劇場  absence space|Tainan Performance art/ video|作品
【How to Hold an Umbrella 】(in 2 minutes )
2023/2/9 台南 不存在劇場  absence space|Tainan
Performance art/ video




I prepared an umbrella and asked the audience in front of me if anyone would like to hold an umbrella for me? Three different spectators raised their hands in a gesture of willingness, and I raised the umbrella horizontally, asking some people to hold the handle of the umbrella on one side and the end of the umbrella on the other. And I will walk backwards, then run to the umbrella from the rear, jump and hang my body on the umbrella for 2 minutes until everyone can't hold it.

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