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MillaLee 李瓊蝶|Earthquake 地震  2023.2.5 新北市 新店 美好201空間   New Taipei City, Xindian 行為、影像、攝影紀錄 Performance art/ video
【Earthquake 地震】
2023.2.5 新北市 新店 美好201空間   New Taipei City, Xindian
Performance art/ video











This work is about my contemplation of natural disasters such as nature today, and I believe that the frequency of natural disasters, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, floods or volcanoes is influenced by the state of human collective consciousness, and the external is the projection of our inner being.


When people lose more and more contact with nature, the huge capital system and mechanism behind this mainly carry the collective consciousness of human beings and project fear consciousness to control people, so that people pay more and more attention to materials, constantly project fear, let people's consciousness be kidnapped, begin to feel their own lack, and fear, greed and other external actions to grab, plunder and so on. Let people lose more and more contact with the real environment, deforesting nature, polluting, harming nature, and making the earth more and more unbalanced.


At the beginning, I saluted the mountain, and this work is dedicated to this mountain forest. Then I started talking to you about the stones I picked up in various places during my travels Then I invite everyone to touch the stones and say what they feel, to connect with their own perception. Then I started making different sounds I felt through the time and invited people to touch my body and feel these vibrations.


Then I took off my clothes and began to glue and wrap the double-sided adhesive around my body, and while making an inner sound vibration, the audience also came in and wrapped the tape around my body, and tore the other side of the double-sided tape, and then I motioned for the stone to start sticking to my body, because the fog and humidity on the side of the mountain became heavier, and the stone fell off as it was attached, but at the same time there were many stones still sticking to my body. Then I started walking up to the audience and looking at them.


Finally, I walked close to the mountain, began to breathe from the inside and constantly shake and shake my body vigorously, until the last stone fell, and then felt the huge energy transmitted by my body through the expansion and opening of various energies and surpassed my body, and at the same time, with the change of time and climate, my entire body almost melted into the clouds and mountains.

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