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【My Hands Are Not My Own】

2023.2.9 台南 不存在劇場 absence space|Tainan

Performance art/ video






The inspiration for this work came from the fact that I found that I was experiencing a period of long-term use of mobile phones on various platforms and social software, shopping platforms, etc., when I would start to pick up my mobile phone and slide almost every 2~3 minutes, or even less, so that I felt my consciousness and the feeling of my body being kidnapped, and felt unfree


At that time, I began to realize that under the capital game behind various platforms, each platform and social software has its own intention to achieve, and various concepts and definitions of things, and the people involved are also in it. They all express, interpret, and define the things in front of them on a very fast, one-sided surface.


At the beginning of the work, I tied my hands back with the rope in my hands and fastened the rope behind it. While clasping my hands, I held the phone, and a line was written on the phone: 'Please name it', and handed the phone to the audience and people, who very quickly labeled it with various names and imagined it. My hand will no longer be just itself.

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