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【The Fire of Life  生之火】
2023/9/6  無礦  三峽古礦場
Performance art/ video / Installation art
The Fire of Life 生之火 2023/9/6  無礦_三峽古礦場 | Performance art/video/Installation art 行為、影像、裝置




透過身體的溫度 生命,融化



藝術家 走進 古老 煤礦場


用身體 與 逝去了,但仍存在的古老煤礦歷史記憶對話…

3.5小時的時間,以身體溫度 擁抱 巨大的冰礦磚 ,融冰,以掘礦。


藝術家透過燃:內在永不止息的覺之「 火」

擁抱、融化古老 煤礦場,也將每一顆燃起的心  

願這 塊土地的脈絡、歷史與當下

都能 榮耀 生命之火焰 


製作統籌、行為呈現:Milla Lee 李瓊蝶

聲音設計:Nick Tsai

合作單位:  無礦mineless 



現場側拍與Short: Fanyu Lin 

冰塊:水源冰塊 -水源製冰貿易有限公司


特別感謝:柯慕一、沛峰、 張家瑋、姜宏勳

[ The Fire of Life]

Ancient mine in the mountain,along the line of space,vaguely 

See the past time and space,when the tension between ice and heat  opens the gap and 

time,through the body temperature, life melts the 


The light of "fire" that reveals the lives of the people who once lived in this land。


The artist walks into the ancient coal mine

Lying in the ruins huge machinery,which is the relics of lost history

Use her body to talk to the historical memory of the ancient coal mine that has passed away but still exists


3.5 hours of time, hugging the huge ice brick with body temperature,

Melting ice to mine minerals.


The artist burns: the inner “fire” of never-ending awareness

Embrace and melt the ancient coal mine, and also melt every burning heart


May the veins of this land in the past and the present 

Can glorify the flame of life

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