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【 I Am Not Who I Am 我非我】
Performance art/ video / Installation art

此作品最初於2023 10月新北市美術館前廣場呈現,是由「非書店」邀請於2023 台灣設計展 Taiwan Design Expo「這是一間書店」 所製作的作品。


藝術家,讓觀眾透過書寫的過程進行一段揭露自我認同的過程,同時透過藝術家的在場,作為一種所有集體認同的投射的顯相呈現,最後在使用冰塊作為消融的介質,透過讓觀眾把冰塊握在手中去經驗那個冰、麻、刺痛得,藝術家也作為集體自我載體的過程中去經驗放大這股力量,與觀眾同時透過雙向經驗的過程超越原本對集體認同的概念, 去經驗此刻對肉體、與自己的認知以外 ,開啟擴展經驗更大可能存在的可能的自己。

This work was first presented in the square in front of the New Taipei City Art Museum in October 2023. It was a work invited by "Not a Bookstore" at the 2023 Taiwan Design Expo "This is a Bookstore". In November 2023, it was performed at the closing performance of Milla's "Creating a Fire" exhibition and was re-presented again.


This work invites the viewers to use a brush to write on the artist's skin the text of the word "About me." And then asked the viewers used the ice cube made by the 

Artist to dissolve the text of the calligraphy "about me "written on the artist's body, in the meantime , the viewers should read loudly about the word for word they wanted to erased .


In this work, the artist allows the audience to go through a process of revealing their self-identity through the process of writing. At the same time, through the presence of the artist, it is presented as a manifestation of the projection of all collective identities.

Finally, ice cubes are used as the melting medium, allowing the audience to hold the ice cubes in their hands to experience the ice, numbness, and stinging sensation.

Artists also experience and amplify this power in the process of serving as collective self-carriers.Through a two-way experience process with the audience at the same time, we transcend the original concept of collective identity, experience the body and ourselves at this moment, and open up a possible self that expands the experience of greater possibilities.


2023/  10月  新北市美術館前,非書店「這是一間書店」展覽委託製作
|New Taipei  Museum Square"

Behavior, exhibition presentation:

2023/ October In front of the New Taipei City Art Museum, the non-bookstore "This is a bookstore" exhibition commissioned|New Taipei Museum Squa

2023/11月  無礦 _三峽古礦場 生之火展覽閉幕行為呈現 |Sanxia District_ Mineless

2023/November Mineless _Three Gorges Ancient Mine The closing performance of the Fire Exhibition |Sanxia District_Mineless

製作統籌、行為呈現:Milla Lee 李瓊蝶

合作單位:  無礦mineless 、非書店

影片拍攝與後製: 文采


冰塊:水源冰塊 -水源製冰貿易有限公司

特別感謝:柯慕一、沛峰、 張家瑋、姜宏勳

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